Liquid Waste

Sanitary waste water is collected by vacuum trucks and/or tank trailers and transported to the Municipality Sewage Treatment facilities where it is been discharged from the tank.

Vacuum Trucks

The vacuum trucks are equipped with 3000 US gallon vacuum tank and vacuum pump with a capacity of 900 m³/hour (air-flow) to remove sanitary waste water from septic tanks, lifting stations, etc. Furthermore, most of our vacuum truck(s) are fitted with a jetting pump in order to clean septic tanks and sewer lines of up to 6" in diameter.





Tank Trailer

For removal of sanitary waste water or ground water in large quantities, tank trailers with a capacity of 8000 US gallon can be utilized to reduce Customer's overall cost.






Portable Toilet Services

The portable toilets made from fiberglass with holding tank are cleaned by our vacuum trucks and the internal surface sprayed with a disinfectant. These portable toilets are supplied in any number to construction sites or during shutdowns at Refinery & Petrochemical sites in order to provide sanitary service for the manpower on-site.



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