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For today’s toughest industrial cleaning problems we can provide powerful Hydrojetting machines to carry out cleaning jobs once considered “impossible”. What ever built up chemical residues; paint, tar deposits, rust, scale, Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. Hydrojetting machines cuts through it! Jets it away and leaves a clean residue free surface. Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. provides Hydrojetting services since 1986 with pumps capable of producing pressures in excess of 10,000 psi, which is widely accepted by the industry as a safe and economical means of cleaning. Hydrojetting; a specialized operation with proper equipment and well trained and experienced operators (usually 2 – 3) fully equipped with the necessary PPE that reduce downtime and maintenance cost.
For cleaning surface areas contaminated with oil, grease, jell, drilling mud, etc. our high pressure steam cleaners with a water temperature of 208 F, will leave a clean area without the usage of chemical cleaning agents. Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting is the fastest growing surface preparation system in the Marine, Petrochemical and Refining Industry both on-shore and off-shore

At present we are able to mobilize the following Hydrojetting Machines (HP Pumps):

  • Mechanical Work (blinding / de-blinding and opening / closing heat exchangers).
  • Pulling and inserting tube bundles by means of hydraulic powered Bundle Puller.
  • Hydro jetting tubes, internally & externally.
  • Unplugging of tubes by Power Lance or Air Powered Lance.
  • Pressure testing.

All Hydrojetting Machines are equipped with all the necessary accessories such as jetting gun, foot pedal, jetting hoses, flexible lances, rigid lances, nozzles, and safety gear, to execute all kinds of Hydrojetting jobs. The Hydrojetting equipment is regularly pressure tested by third party(s) and test certificates can be submitted upon Client request.

Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. Heat Exchanger Maintenance Includes:

All work is performed in compliance with strict safety rules and regulations, by our experienced hydroblast operators whom are trained at our Dammam facility.

Power Lance

The power lance is rigid lance fitted to a X-Y frame to safely unplug tubes which are completely plugged with hard scale such as calcium sulfate or calcium carbonate of condensers, heat exchangers, and reboilers.

The lance does not require external power source. It utilizes the water flow and pressure up to 10,000 psi from an existing hydroblast unit. The rigid lance will erode, extrude or shatter all fouling materials which plug the tube with a maximum length of 6 meter per run. The special designed nozzles / tips with various patterns have most jets pointed forward.

Drill Lance

The air powered drill lance can be fitted in the X-Y frame of the power lance and can be operated to working pressure of up to 20,000 psi. The air motor can push the rigid lance in the tube and a second motor turns the lance.

Flexible Lance Machine (OAB II)

The 2-flexible lancing machine, is fitted with two (2) flexible lances coiled on a air operated hose reel. A flexible lance guide can be adjusted to the correct pitch of the tubes and the hose reel set to the correct length of the tube bundle.

Advantages of the Flexible Lancing Machine are:

  • Safer tube cleaning operation. The operator does no longer come in contact with the flexible lance(s) and Pollutants omitted from the high pressure cleaning of heat exchanger tubes.
  • Reduces downtime / reduces cleaning time due to the fact that two (2) are used simultaneously and the nozzle pattern (jets are pointed forward).

Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting

The SWECO screening machine with a diameter of 60” can be fitted with a multi screen decks is all required sizes to screen dust from catalyst or screen catalyst and/or alumina / ceramic balls in different sizes. Each deck has a collection point and drums or big bags can be placed under these points to load the screened materials. Above the screening machine is a hopper placed with a knife valve in order to control the flow going to the screens. Too much material in the screening machine will have negative effect on the screening result. It is important that the particles make contact with the screen(s). The average screening speed with a 3 deck built-up machine is ±1.5 m³ / hour. (depending on size, type of catalyst and adjustment of the vibrators)

Life Support System

Ultra High Pressure Hydrojetting is the fastest growing surface preparation system in the Marine, Petrochemical and Refining Industry both on-shore and off-shore, and can be used for:

  • Surface preparation of steel.
  • Surface preparation of concrete.
  • Concrete demolition.
  • Removal of rubber and fiberglass tank linings.
  • Removal of hard scale deposits from heat exchanger tubes or drill pipes.

Advantages of steel surface preparation by means of Ultra High Pressure Hydro jetting with a working pressure of 30,000 psi are:

  • Reduction of pollution of dust and grit.
  • Soluble salt removal produces chemically clean surfaces.
  • Oil and grease removal
  • Spot blasting without damage to surrounding areas.
  • Potential cost saving from reduced clean-up time and grit disposal.
  • Not harmful to rotating equipment, such as pumps.


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