Truck and Equipment Maintenance

All Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. trucks and equipment are maintained at our Dammam Workshop. For all mobile equipment (including truck mounted equipment) a preventive maintenance program is in place. During each preventative maintenance service a checklist is used in order to make sure that all groups of the equipment has been checked, such as but not limited to: engine, chassis, brakes, suspension, etc. In case a defect is found, the mechanic will notify the chief mechanic / workshop manager and repairs carried out. Upon completion of the preventative maintenance, a sticker is placed in the truck with instructions to the driver and/or operator for the next service (either date or mileage).
The workshop located at Dammam has a total surface area of approx. 2600 m2. The workshop has a main area with ten (10) bays, five on each side to carry out the service and repairs. In addition to the main workshop area the workshop has a number of repair-shops such as: engine overhaul, hydraulics, electrical, and a machine shop, a tire-shop, a dent-shop, a paint-shop. The workshop also has a large store where all the parts, consumables and tools are kept. The store is manned with two (2) store-keepers and is fully automated. All parts are stored in a specific location for easy traceability.

Body Repair, Denting Work and Painting

It is a company policy to maintain Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. in a good and safe working condition. We also emphasize on the appearance of the equipment. When over the years equipment color fades, or corrosion is visible, the equipment is repaired in our dent shop and afterwards blasted and painted. Due to the fact that we have a perfect facility and experienced & qualified staff, we started in the year 2001 to carry out body repair and painting of trucks and heavy equipment for our customers.


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