At our Dammam yard, several training facilities are available to train our employees in the use of all specialized equipment and services in a simulated environment:

  • Classroom
  • Training reactor
  • B.A. training room
  • Training heat exchanger

All training requirements are assisted with company written Training & Safety Procedures.

Training Reactors / B.A. Training

The training reactor is a well simulated reactor which can be used for catalyst unloading and loading activities as well as for reactor entry training. The training starts in the classroom and training procedures such as: Work Permit, Inert Entry, Confined Space, Gas Testing, and First Aid are discussed, followed by an examination. After the theoretical training the training reactor will be used for practical training. In addition to the reactor the inert entry technicians will receive practical training in a dark labyrinth. During the entry of each entry technician their reaction in this dark confined situation while using life support equipment (breathing apparatus) is closely monitored on the communication and air console.

B.A. training includes:

  • How to use the equipment (Breathing Apparatus) correctly
  • Inert Entry & Confined Space Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures
  • The use of a rope ladder (while working with B.A.)
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the equipment

Training Heat Exchanger / Hydro Jetting Training

After receiving the theoretical training at our classroom followed by an examination the employees will proceed in small groups of 3 - 4 persons to the training heat exchanger, where they will receive a full practical training program inclusive of:

  • Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • How to rig-up the equipment (use of barricade and warning signs)
  • Force of water jet is shown by instructor (cur piece of wood)
  • Correctly use of jetting gun
  • Correctly use of flexible lance
  • Correctly use of Power Lance / Drill Lance
  • Emergency shutdown procedures
  • Basic First Aid.


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