Al-Fahhad Zegwaard Co. has over 270 permanent employees who are working within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Over 230 of them are international workers from different countries. Besides 30 men working in the administration there are 25 in our workshop, 85 working in Waste Management Services and over 130 men working for Industrial Services.


It is the objective of Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. management to prevent accidents, incidents or whatsoever harm / damage to its personnel and equipment or that of a third party, while at the same time executing its services and to achieve quality targets.

Safety Policy

Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. management believes that the objective is both practical and necessary for the long term good of the organization and the people working in the organization. To ensure the desired results are achieved the following policy and working arrangement are followed:

Company's Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the overall safety of its employees.
  • Responsible that all required safety procedures, equipment instruction guidelines and technical safeguards are followed.
  • To delegate its responsibilities to all supervisory personnel in the same manner.
  • Responsible that each employee is fully trained and understand his function's and work instruction within the organization.
  • To take disciplinary action if procedure's is/are not followed.
  • To keep record of employee's medical fitness.


Individual Responsibility

  • Safety is everybody's responsibility.
  • To execute the work in compliance with the training received from the Company and by using the right equipment, tools, and consumables and obeying the relevant safety procedures.
  • Neglect or disregard of Company safety procedure(s) and or that of the Client is a serious offence.


Incident Reporting System

  • An incident reporting system has been set up to report any undesired event that either results in or could result in injury or loss. By reporting the incident(s) to supervisor and safety officer, positive action can be taken to prevent a similar incident from happening again.
  • Supervisors should encourage the employees to participate in this objective and to record any event or unsafe practice on their daily report or report this directly to the supervisor in-charge.


Incentive Program

  • In order to promote safe work our employees are reviewed on a monthly basis. Employees who set examples or in other ways achieve recognition are rewarded. However, we do not hesitate to take disciplinary action in cases of negligence or irresponsible behavior, in order:

  • Supervisors should encourage the employees to participate in this objective and to record any event or unsafe practice on their daily report or report this directly to the supervisor in-charge.
    • To protect the employee his co-worker(s) and any personnel of third parties.
    • To show his co-workers that safety is a serious business and to make them aware that alertness and discipline should always at the highest possible level to attain a safe working area.

    • We firmly believe that the emphasis on safety should be stressed time and again. This is in order to create a safe working environment for which we all have our personal responsibilities.
    • We must never take for granted that safe working practices are common knowledge or are always followed and that a safety awareness program contributes to the creation of a safer working place.

    In-House Training

    Al Fahhad Zegwaard Co. recognizes that Safety and Training are of paramount importance in order to maintain the efficiency and reliability of the services provided by our company. Prior to employment all potential applicants are interviewed to ascertain their qualifications and character, to ensure their compatibility to fit within our organization. Upon arrival of the new employees, each person in extensively trained in all aspects of safety and equipment operation, which they will require during their tenure with the company.We place an emphasis on our continual in-house training program to keep all our personnel up-dated on new technology developments and safety standards as well as refreshment training of past sessions, on a regular basis.


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