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Company’s History

Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. founded in 1979 as a Saudi / Dutch Joint Venture, providing Waste Management and related services to the private sector throughout the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia; since 1992, Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. became under sole Saudi Arabia Proprietorship of Mr. Saleh Al – Fahhad.

Since 1986 and with continued growth of the company and ever-increasing demand for its services in the Industrial Sector, Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. further extended our services into more specialized areas such as: Hydrojetting, Catalyst Handling, Tank Cleaning, and other related services. 

Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. located its head office in Dammam and opened branch offices in both Jubail and Yanbu in order to provide the client with our professional and efficient services 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Since June 2000 Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. are operating the Hydrojetting and Vacuum Tanker Services at Saudi Aramco from our branch at Abqaiq, located in the Saudi Aramco Contractor Park. 

Since August 2000, Al-Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. occupying the new 35,000-m² facility complete with offices, workshop, accommodation and storage area, located just outside Dammam along the Abu Hadriyah highway. With the beginning of June 2003, the Owner Mr. Saleh Al Fahhad decided to initiate a new development for Al Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. in order to renew and strengthen the Market Presence of Al Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. Therefore, the old Management transferred to other positions inside Twaik Group while Al Fahhad Zegwaard-Co. becomes under control of new Management.